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History of the Veritas Foundation

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Executive committee member Ken Diebner felt God’s call on his life to live in Bo, Sierra Leone, for one year. During his time there, Ken witnessed the extreme poverty men, women, and children had to endure. Ken believed the Lord would use him to help everyone he could, so he inspired the founding of the Veritas Foundation! 

Our first priority was to care for disabled children at the Paul School for the Blind. We partnered with local healthcare providers, purchased clothes and beds, and constructed a new kitchen and laundry facility. We also provided educational resources and audio Bibles to help the children grow into independent adults capable of accomplishing whatever God calls them to do. 

As our friendships grew in Bo, we expanded into other areas. One of the biggest accomplishments the Lord achieved through the Veritas Foundation was building Veritas Community Church. A true example of the impact this church has had on the community are the many, many baptisms. The community is hungry for the Word of the Lord! 

We are so excited to see where the Lord calls us next!