In the past, the children at the Blind School had limited resources to maintain good hygiene. They had no running water to use for daily needs such as brushing their teeth, cleaning their clothes, or taking a shower. Instead, the children took “bucket baths” on the grounds of the compound without the gift of privacy. They also had to wash their clothes beside someone who may be bathing.

In 2021, the Veritas Foundation built a Hygiene Center! Now the children can brush their teeth and bathe in private. They can also wash their bed sheets in a new, sanitary facility.

The children can now use this Hygiene Facility all year long. However, they have limited access to water during a few months in the dry season. We hope to dig the well on the Blind School’s grounds deeper so the children never have to miss bathing or washing their clothes and sheets in the hot, sweaty summer! 

The Hygiene Center