$500 per month

It only costs $500 per month to provide healthcare for all of the children and staff at the Paul School for the Blind in Bo, Sierra Leone!

If a child cuts her foot on a piece of broken tile and the cut becomes infected, it takes thorough persuading to convince her to visit the hospital. Many of the children associate hospitals with death. Hospital treatments are very expensive, and, as such, many individuals in Sierra Leone attend the hospital as a last resort. As a result, their injuries may be too damaged to treat, and they pass away in the hospital.

By providing the hospital with funds to care for the children, the children do not have to worry about lacking resources to pay for their hospital visit. Lord willing, all of the children will be treated for their injuries and diseases before their ailments reach the point of inoperable care!

The Veritas Foundation is partnered with GiLa Hospital. The director of this hospital has sent his team of doctors to the Blind School multiple times for free to evaluate the children’s health and nutrition needs. The Veritas Foundation is incredibly grateful for this partnership!