Many of the children who attend the Paul School for the Blind in Bo, Sierra Leone, are blind or visually impaired. It is difficult for them to learn without resources specifically made for those who cannot see. For example, sight-impaired children cannot read lecture notes, so they must purchase recorders to playback classroom sessions. The children also need special classroom supplies such as Braille textbooks and desks with curved edges so they do not bump into a sharp corner. They could also use laptops with Braille software and a Braille printer, which could provide educational and Bible Study materials. Additionally, several students, such as Sallay Kanu (pictured below in the pink shirt) and Adama Sesay (pictured below with Sierra Leone project manager, Ken Diebner), are behind in their studies for their age. In order for the children to succeed, we hope to provide after-school tutoring sessions for such students. 

With the Lord’s help, we strive to give as many children as we can the opportunity to thrive in the workplace! With a classroom and tutoring sessions specifically designed to help visually impaired children succeed, these children will be able to learn the necessary skills to build an independent, bright future with God at the center!