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International Women’s Day

Video Published by PushPay

The Veritas Foundation has witnessed amazing ways that God has displayed His love and care through some incredible women living and working in Sub-Saharan Africa. 

Watch the video to hear stories from Hailey about how God is using women to make a life-changing difference in the lives of others.

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Thanksgiving Day

Video Published by PushPay

The Veritas Foundation is very thankful for your prayers and support!

Watch the video to hear of some amazing ways the Lord is working behind the scenes to care for the children at the Paul School for the Blind in Sierra Leone. 

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Reach Church Support

Video Published by Reach Church

Reach Church has committed to supporting the Veritas Foundation on a monthly basis! The Foundation team is extremely grateful for the church’s generosity and kindness.

Reach Church interviewed the Veritas Foundation and put together a promotional video to share with the congregation!

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Stepping into Uncharted Waters

Podcast Published by PushPay

In this episode, Hailey, Director of the Veritas Foundation, shares how the Lord is faithfully providing for blind and visually impaired children at Paul School for the Blind in Sierra Leone. Through the generosity of donors, children who once were so malnourished they couldn’t stay awake are now learning, thriving, and celebrating a personal relationship with Christ.

Click on the picture to listen to the podcast or click on the button to read the article. You can also listen to the podcast on YouTube!