Exciting Opportunities are Brewing

We are excited to announce a long-term Summer/Fall Mission Trip led by Ken! During this upcoming trip, Veritas will collaborate with Pastor Peter and our construction team to oversee the building of the new Veritas Community Church while also working with our 18 local oversight team members to enhance the services that we provide to the Paul School for the Blind and the 50 resident children who live there. In addition, our team will continue efforts with GiLa Hospital to develop better healthcare practices for the children of the Blind School while also exploring opportunities for community outreach programs to service those who cannot afford basic healthcare. During the next three months, we will work with our friends at the Sierra Leone Association of the Blind to evaluate current vocational programs designed to create a path for financial sustainability for blind adults while also identifying opportunities for new training programs that will enhance opportunities for the blind. Below is a summary of our goals and objectives and ways you can be praying for the children at the Blind School and for Ken as he acts as the “boots on the ground” for the Foundation. We continue to praise God for His provision, and we eagerly await new ways to trust in His goodness. Thank you for your support!

Mission Trip Objectives

Church Construction

Validate that the location of the new church will support future plans for a hub-of-activity. If so, oversee the construction of the church. If not, search for an appropriate property. As an FYI, the hub-of-activity can best be described as Christian-based Community Center within a complex that would house future mission teams while also serving the local community with numerous church functions such as a training center for future pastors, a spiritual development center for the youth of the community, a bible center to host daily/weekly bible studies for adults, an activity field for social engagement, and so on.

Blind School Development

The Blind School established a new team of oversight leaders that make up the School Management Committee (“SMC”). One of the goals during this trip is to regularly meet with the SMC to collaboratively develop plans for future activities, such as educational programs that will prepare the children for post-secondary school and spiritual development programs that will strengthen the children’s foundation in Christian principles. Ken also hopes to research any facility needs, hygiene programs, and parent engagement events designed to enhance the educational experience of the resident children at the school.

Sierra Leone Association for the Blind (“SLAB”)

During this trip, Ken will evaluate the Vocational Center that the Foundation has been involved in since March. Ken will not only determine the multiple training programs’ progress but also explore new opportunities that will enhance the ability for blind adults to reach financial sustainability through additional career-training programs.

GiLa Hospital

Work with GiLa Hospital staff to develop training programs for the children at the Blind School designed around hygiene, nutrition, and overall health. Ken will also work with GiLa Hospital to identify potential outreach efforts to offer care to those who might not be able to afford basic health services.

Veritas Oversight Staff

Today, the Foundation employs 18 local individuals who provide assorted services to manage our feeding program, facilities maintenance, security, hygiene, and spiritual development. During this extended mission trip, Ken will collaborate with our team to better understand the needs of the children we serve and to create more focused programs that will bring greater value to the children at the Blind School.