Updates from our Latest Trip!

Some of our board members just returned last week from Sierra Leone. While in Africa, Ken, Steve, Dick, and Charlene visited Veritas Community Church (“VCC”), children from the blind school, and the Sierra Leone Association for the Blind (“SLAB”).

We praise the Lord that VCC is thriving and attendance is overflowing! We are also thankful we have the capacity to cover all healthcare expenses for children at the Paul School for the Blind, several children and families in the community, and staff at VCC. Lastly, we are thankful to see the SLAB has made a sustainable income with our help!

Pictured Below: Dick, Ken, Steve, Pastor Peter, and members of the SLAB

The team is standing on the farmland we rent for the SLAB.

Pictured Below: Pastor Peter, Ken, Steve, and Dick

Standing outside VCC.

Pictured Below: Joshua

Joshua is a pastor in training at VCC, and he inspires many to worship the Lord!

Pictured Below: Dick, Steve, and Ken with Musa

Musa is the director of GiLa Hospital. The Foundation partners with GiLa Hospital to provide care for children at the blind school, various children and families in the community, and staff at VCC.

Pictured Below: Charlene, Lamin, and Dick

Lamin is one of the children in the town of Bo who has medical issues. Both Dick and Lamin have Diabetes. Dick and his wife, Charlene, cover Lamin’s medical expenses at $40 a month!

Pictured Below: Kadija and Steve

Kadija is the little sister of Kemoh, one of Veritas Community Church’s pastors in training. Kadjia has sickle cell anemia, and we cover her medical expenses with the help of faithful donors.

Pictured Below: Ken, Kemoh, and Dick

Kemoh is Kadija’s older brother and is a pastor in training at Veritas Community Church.