New Project Architectural Renderings

June 19, 2021

The Veritas Foundation hopes to fund new projects to support good hygiene, provide electricity, and care for the safety of the children at the Paul School for the Blind. Evangelical Christian and director of the Blind School, Mohammed Conteh, asked if we would consider supporting the school with the following construction projects:

  • Introduce drainage channels to direct heavy rainwater away from buildings and play areas
  • Pave the grounds and provide “carpet grass” (artificial turf) so the children can play soccer
  • Build a covered walkway and sidewalks so the children can walk around the grounds without getting wet during the rainy season
  • Purchase a generator and build a generator storage room so the staff (some of whom are not blind) can see in the evenings
  • Build a storage room with a freezer so the school can preserve perishable food items
  • Construct a laundry room with sinks so the children can wash their hands and brush their teeth
  • Develop a covered area so the children can hang their clothes out to dry
  • Provide resources to dig the well deeper and finish constructing the water tower (including installing a second one) so the children can have running water


Mohammed met with a Sierra Leonean contractor and presented us with the 3D architectural rendering (not to scale) above. We are so excited to support the Blind School with their plans!

Background Information

The Blind School currently has the following buildings already constructed:

  • Bathrooms (bottom left)
  • Dormitories (top left)
  • Classrooms (top right)
  • Mohammed’s house (right)
  • Dining hall (bottom middle – left half)
  • Kitchen (bottom middle – right half with the shiny new roof – thank you for your support in helping us build a new kitchen for the school!)