Sunday Bible Study

November 2, 2020


Last night, the Paul School for the Blind in Bo, Sierra Leone, had its first official Bible study! Praise the Lord!


On Friday, Pastor Peter Moiba (Bible study leader – pictured above in the background) emailed Ken Diebner (Sierra Leone project manager) the following:


From: Peter Moiba 

Sent: Friday, October 30, 2020 4:43 PM 

To: Ken Diebner 

Subject: We will commence work on Sunday at 6:30pm


I hope you arrived safe and your family is doing good. We are OK and we have spoken to Mr conteh at the blind school of us beginning this Sunday and he is ready to receive. We are starting with the topic “who is Jesus to Man”(john 1:1-10).thanks.we will do our best to do a record of it and send then to you for any comment .pastor peter moiba. (sic)