Kennie Amara

November 17, 2020

Kennie Amara has been a good friend to Ken Diebner (Sierra Leone project manager) for the past 5 years. Kennie is a security guard at a hospital in Bo. He works 12 hours a day for 7 days a week! Guess how much he gets paid for all his hard work…? $50 a month! And Kennie has to provide for a wife (Bindu) and a son (Ishmael)!

The Veritas Foundation brought up the need to care for Kennie and his family, and a delightful family in Montana took up the torch! This family will cover the cost for Kennie to earn an education as a teacher. They will provide for Kennie’s tuition fees and the cost of food and clothing for his family while Kennie is in school.

Kennie will earn much more as a teacher than as a security guard. Once he graduates, Kennie will be able to take care of his family for the rest of his life!

We hope to bless Kennie abundantly so he can attend church regularly. As a security guard, Kennie does not have time to attend church. As a teacher, Kennie will have Sundays off! He is eager to learn about God and is very thankful the Lord is using the Montana family to provide for him while he learns.