Evidence of God’s Blessings

July 16, 2021


Not long ago, the Veritas Foundation explored the possibility of providing solar energy to the Blind School, but we ran into obstacles such as the system being too limited, the high cost, and the lack of service from the local solar company in Bo.

While frustrating, God was at work…

In addition, for months we discussed the desire to build a computer lab for the Blind School, but we struggled with everything from security to training to cost.

While frustrating, God was at work…

Today, Mohamed Conteh (Evangelical Christian and director of the Blind School) called Ken Diebner (Sierra Leone project manager) and informed the Veritas Foundation that an organization out of Switzerland is going to purchase solar power and 10 computers for each of the Blind Schools in Sierra Leone! This organization will install these systems by the end of the summer.

We are so thankful for this provision! This is a true and beautiful example of God’s divine providence. Now, the Veritas Foundation is free to concentrate on other projects!

The solar system will only power the computer lab and Mohamed’s office. The Blind School will still need the generator we planned to purchase for the rest of the campus. Now the school will have multiple sources of power to operate more efficiently!