Eyesight Improvement

March 15, 2021

Dr. Thomas Lenart, an ophthalmologist in Washington, joyfully offered his time to speak with Dr. Feimata Yokie. Dr. Lenart was able to help Dr. Yokie understand the Foundation’s goals and plans from a medical perspective to restore sight to the blind children. With Dr. Lenart’s help, Dr. Yokie finished evaluating almost all of the children’s eyesight! She found most of the children’s eyesight had been damaged beyond repair.

However, one child named Mohamed Konneh (pictured to the left) may be able to have his vision improved with the right prescription and a pair of glasses! He is currently responding well to Dr. Yokie’s treatments. This is such a gift and encouragement!  

Dr. Yokie and Dr. Lenart will continue to discuss opportunities to restore the children’s eyesight over the coming months. Please keep praying that the children will be able to see again!