Help Olson Attend College

June 29, 2021

The Veritas Foundation has set up a Sponsorship Program for men and women hoping to earn an education in Sierra Leone. One of the bright young ladies we are supporting is named Olson (pictured below on the right). With your support, we hope to bless Olson with the chance to attend college! If Olson passes the college entrance exam, she will be able to attend college for free. We hope to provide Olson with the following:

  • $100 college entrance exam fee
  • $25/month for 4 months for a preparatory class
  • $15/book for 5 books to help her study
  • $15/month for 4 months of transportation expenses to attend the preparatory class

If you would like to support Olson, please click “Donate” above! Thank you for your prayers and support!