Braille Bibles

September 21, 2020


Braille Bibles International (“BBI”) graciously donated the books of Matthew, Mark, Genesis, Psalms, and Song of Solomon in Braille. BBI also donated a Children’s Bible (a set that includes nine volumes in Braille). The Veritas Foundation is extremely grateful for BBI’s hard work to make these Bibles and donate them freely!


Ken will take these Braille Bibles with him to the Paul School for the Blind in Sierra Leone in a few weeks. They fill up a lot of trunk space because the books all weigh a total of about 25 pounds! We hope to bring the remaining books of the Bible in Braille during future mission trips.


As you can see in the pictures, the children love to read the Bibles! They read aloud to each other, and Pastor Peter is available to answer any questions they may have. Marion, the girl pictured to the left, stopped reading and said, “The Bible is so sweet.” What a joy it is to provide the opportunity for children to read God’s words!