a Miracle in the MAking


The Veritas Foundation Board has been praying for a way to care for children who are aging out of the Paul School for the Blind. Miraculously, during an uncomfortable hospital visit, God provided a solution!

Foundation Director Hailey traveled to Sierra Leone with the team last November. During her time there, Hailey was bitten by River flies. The bites got infected, and Hailey had to go to the hospital in Sierra Leone. Dr. Thomas, pictured with Hailey below, took very good care of her!

While Hailey was being treated, Foundation Board Member Ken was sitting out in the waiting room. A blind woman walked into the hospital, and gregarious Ken decided to introduce himself to her!

It turns out, the blind woman (named Agnes) is the director of the Sierra Leone Association for the Blind! This association provides blind adults with jobs, so they can provide for themselves. As the Foundation continues to develop a relationship Agnes, we are encouraged that the older children who are aging out of the Blind School will thrive at the Sierra Leone Association for the Blind.

God miraculously brought about this meeting with Agnes. He always answers our prayers, even in ways we don’t expect!